Wood Chipper Rental

Buy or Rent? Which is Best for Wood Chippers?

Wood Chipper Rental

Deciding between a wood chipper rental and buying a wood chipper depends on several factors. First off a homeowner needs to assess their needs. Do they have large diameter branches or small ones under 1.25 inches or less to handle? Do they need to take care of trimmings regularly or just a few times a year? Would an electric wood chipper that is portable handle most needs or is gas preferred for power and ease of movement? The size of the chipper required can raise the investment needed to buy one, and this is directly related to which is a better deal.

wood chipper rental

Looking at a small wood chipper can reveal a lot about the types of products that are out there to pick from. Prices range wildly, as does quality of the machine you get. Commercial chippers typically are larger and noisier then home use ones. They can take care of larger chunks of wood though, and produce mulch that is commercial grade. If you do not require using one often, or need a bigger, tougher model, consider the value of a wood chipper rental over buying a smaller, lighter unit. Just remember to do your yard work and gather all your materials into a central location before you rent the chipper so that you can get finished in a timely fashion. Returning the chipper as soon as you can will save you money so prepare first.

small wood chipperWhat about the other end of the spectrum? There are instances where a homeowner needs to use a chipper monthly, handling lots of shrub trimmings and small leaves and branches. For this type of case an electric wood chipper is a very attractive option. These units typically are easy to put together and have built in controls to reduce the chances of jams that can ruin the motor. If you need to use a chipper often, plus know that the bulk of the chipping will be thin branches and leaves, purchasing a chipper will be a far better deal then renting one.

electric wood chipperBefore you go run out and buy the first chipper you see, though, do your research. Check online for wood chipper reviews of various models to make sure you get the right model for your needs. You will find that different brands have different features. Electronic models can reduce the need to worry about oil and gas. Many have good powered engines and can handle up to an inch and a quarter diameter branches. You will want to pay attention to the type of cutting mechanism being used. A single blade on high rotation will tend to wear out faster then other types of cutters. Currently the top rated model appears to be made by Patriot and is a 1.5hp electric motor. It handles larger branches up to 2 ? inches. The cost of the unit is around 800 dollars, and while there are cheaper models out there, this one is the best for an electric chipper.

So there you have it. If you are trying to decide between a wood chipper rental or purchasing an electric wood chipper the best choice really depends on your personal needs. The smaller your branches and more often you need to use a chipper to keep them under control, the more attractive buying a chipper becomes.

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